In 1972 Prof. Dr. Pamukoff founded a PHYTOTHERAPY Department reporting directly to the minister of Health in Bulgaria. It was the first biomedical phytotherapy center in Bulgaria in the Ministry of Health. It was also among the first Phytotherapy centers in the world. Its medical success contributed to its further growth and development.

In 1975 Prof. Dr. Pamukoff established and directed the ground-breaking SCIENTIFIC PHYTOTHERAPY CENTER in the Ministry of Health, which was among the pioneering and leading clinics worldwide. It had medical units in many district hospitals and over 500,000 patients from all over the world received treatment there.

The Scientific Phytotherapy Center had 3 specialist departments: Internal Medicine, Maternity and Gynaecological and Paediatric Unit. Highly qualified experts managed these departments. Their outstanding professionalism further contributed to the scientific research at the clinic.

The continuous success of the Scientific Phytotherapy Clinic in the treatment of difficult medical conditions such as asthma, enuresis, epilepsy, as well as many other illnesses strengthened its reputation and growth. It was so popular that there was a 6 to 18 months waiting list. In 1980 the Ministry of Public Health opened Scientific Phytotherapy departments in each district hospital in Bulgaria.

Many celebrities have been treated in the clinic of  Prof. Dr. Pamukoff – actors, singers, writers, scientists as well as politicians. His success with difficult medical conditions was such that thousands of patients have come to see him from many countries around the globe – UK, USA, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, USSR, Mexico, Australia, Nigeria, Dubai, Sri Lanka etc.

A section devoted to the scientific work of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff and the Scientific Phytotherapy Clinic can be found in the historic book ‘'Green Pharmacy’' (London 1981) by Barbara Griggs. The book presented an authoritative study on the history and evolution of western botanical medicine from ancient days of Greece and Rome to modern biomedicine and received excellent reviews by leading scientists and journalists around the globe.