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Testimonial #3

PROF. DR. PAMUKOFF: One of the founders of Scientific Phytotherapy and Bio Medicine

Prof. Dr. Dimiter Pamukoff, MD (also known as Dr. Dimiter Pamukov) is renowned for his innovative medicines for many incurable diseases like asthma and also as one of the founders of Bio Medicine and Scientific Phytotherapy in Europe. He and his team examine the biochemical components and the biological molecules of medicinal plants as well as their practical therapeutic effect using modern research methods.

Prof. Dr. Pamukoff's scientific research and medicines have been awarded with prizes from USA, European Union, France, Russia, Swizerland and other including the top Award of the State Administration for Traditional Medicine in the Chinese Ministry of Health granted to very few leading scientists in Phytotherapy outside of China.

Over 2 000 000 copies of his books have been printed in many languages and his most famous books are Nature’s Pharmacy, first published in 1981 and Home Pharmacy, first published in 1992. Prof. Dr. Pamukoff’s products have been selling internationally for around 30 years.

Asthma is a global comtemporary problem

The Global Initiative for Asthma estimates that nearly 300 million people worldwide have asthma due to pollution and other factors. Rise has been noted in the last 10 years in USA and many European countries, incl........


Dr. Roxandra Pamukoff Peterson

Dr. Roxandra Pamukoff Peterson is R&D Director and the second leading figure in PAMEDICA being accountable for Quality Control and R&D.....



PAMEDICA is a British company which works in compliance with the highest world standards and with leading international experts to produce outstanding natural and biomedical products for your health, beauty, youth and.......


First clinic in Biomedicine and Scientific Phytotherapy: A pioneering worldwide clinic

In 1975 Prof. Dr. Pamukoff established and directed the ground-breaking SCIENTIFIC PHYTOTHERAPY CENTER in the Ministry of Health, which was among the pioneering and leading clinics worldwide. It had medical units in.......


Medical and Scientific Success

Prof. Dr. Pamukoff gained international fame and he was recognised as one of the leading European experts in Biomedicine and Phytotherapy. His innovative products and the success of the Scientific Phytotherapy Clinic.......


Innovation and R&D

Prof. Dr. Pamukoff has been developing many phytotherapy preparations for the treatment of difficult medical conditions such as obesity, asthma, enuresis, epilepsy, as well as many other illnesses.....



Articles featuring the scientific research of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff have been published in journals and newspapers in Germany, Austria, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia, USA, USSR, Russia, Poland,.......