Articles featuring the scientific research of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff have been published in journals and newspapers in Germany, Austria, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia, USA, USSR, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, Mexico, etc.  Over 2 000 000 copies of Dr. Pamukoff’s books have been printed in many languages.

The first book by Prof. Dr. Pamukoff was published back in 1968 and it was called "Medicinal Plants and Their Usage".

Together with one of the leading European experts in Pharmacognosy* directing the Pharmacognosy research at the Pharmaceutical Faculty at the Medical University, Sofia, Professor Hristo Ahtardjiev, Dr. Pamukoff wrote the best-seller "Natural Pharmacy". Some authors translate the title from Bulgarian to English as "Nature's Pharmacy" - it is the same book and both translations of the title are similar and correct. The book has 2 editions in Bulgaria (1981 and 1989), Czechoslovakia (1986), Slovakia (1991) and Ukraine (1991). The aim of this book was to present a contemporary comprehensive study of Phytotherapy. The information there is scientifically proven. It is based on published international scientific research, experiments and clinical studies as well as on the cutting-edge R&D conducted in the Scientific Phytotherapy Clinic. It was written for Phytotherapy practitioners, medical doctors, pharmacists and the general audience.

"I am in fact leaving next week for Czechoslovakia to examine phytotheraupetic developments there, having had a Czech citizen working here in Cambridge with me for the last year – indeed she had taken your book with her, and liked it very much." Dr. M. R. Stuart, leading British herbalist and creator of Dr. Stuart’s medicinal teas in a letter to Dr. Pamukoff, 10 January 1992

"Home Pharmacy" is another popular book by Prof. Dr. Pamukoff (2 editions - 1992 and 1995). It describes 32 popular medicinal herbs and gives guidance for domestic preparation of herbal remedies based on these plants. "Herbs for the Woman and the Child" (1996, 2 volumes) contains remedies for the specific needs of women and children: prophylactics, cosmetics and treatment. "Herbal Encyclopaedia" (2000) reviews herbal formulas for treatment and prophylactics as well as cosmetics.

* Pharmacognosy: the pharmaceutical study of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of drugs, drug substances or potential drugs or drug substances of natural origin.